Greenhouse Pantry

The ‘Greenhouse Pantry’ is there to increase access and affordability of nutritious food to those living in the Greater Craigmillar area who may be on a limited food budget and experiencing food insecurity. Using ‘Your Local Pantry’ model which gives individuals and families living in Craigmillar access to a £3.50 weekly membership to purchase 10 food items plus fruits, vegetables and bread which would equate to £20 worth of food. The fruits and vegetables available will also feature locally grown produce from our community garden as well as freshly prepared nutritious meals to be stored in fridges/freezers for members to pick up.

Membership is open to anyone living in the local area who satisfies a basic ‘low income criterion, with no requirement to be referred by a professional or other third party.

The pantry model was created to ‘go beyond’ the food bank model which aims to create a more sustainable and longer term solution to food poverty. With the ‘Dignity in Practice’ principles at its heart, the food pantry will seek to ensure that all members feel a greater sense of control in being able to choose their own food products, pay a small fee to contribute and feel able to participate in their local community.

The Greenhouse Pantry is an extension of our ‘Craigmillar Community Food Hub’ project and is a vehicle to increase CAT’s engagement with members of the community who may be experiencing food insecurity allowing them further opportunities to build their food resilience. The Greenhouse Pantry also has free workshops and classes in cooking, food growing and participating in community meals and in addition to that there is volunteer and work experience opportunities.