Green House newsletter March 2012

The Green House project is closing its doors for now. It was funded by the Climate Challenge Fund between April 2011 and March 2012 and was the Community Alliance Trust’s first major project.  It was a great success – we’ve made a difference to hundreds of people in the community. These are some of our achievements over the last year…

We’ve helped 551 people to save energy and money, and to do their bit for the environment.


  • 82 people using their heating and water-heating systems more effectively
  • 75 people getting started with recycling
  • 56 people wasting less food
  • 34 people driving more efficiently
  • 257 people stopped leaving appliances on standby, by using a TV or PC powerdown
  • 34 people getting loft insulation or a top-up
  • 20 people getting cavity wall insulation

Our feedback questionnaires say that people have managed to achieve an impressive 72% of the actions they said they would do!

These are just some of the comments from people we worked with

“The shower timer is just great, I use the advice given by the use it as a game for the kids who can take the shortest shower with a wee treat at the end.”

“I got my recycling boxes thank you, they are really easy to use”

“I waste less food now, I didn’t realise how much I threw away”

That’s not all…

We organised training on growing your own veggies (pictured), and on fuel efficient driving.

planting on allotment courses

We helped 44 people get free appliances –  from fridges to microwaves – from Scottish & Southern Energy.

We commissioned a feasibility study for a local thrift shop for Craigmillar, which has led to the development of a business plan. Community Alliance Trust are hoping to move the plans for a Thrift shop forward this year.

If you would like to find out more about what we’ve done, please see our Final Report here.

What next?

Community Alliance Trust now want to build on the success of the Green House and will be seeking funding to continue the project.

Plans for the White House are progressing and we hope to open it as a community hub and café during 2012. Plans are also being developed for a Thrift shop – an idea which proved popular in the feasibility study we carried out this year.

We also want to develop the membership of the Trust – membership is open to people living in the Greater Craigmillar area (Craigmillar Community Council area) and enables you to support the work of the Trust and to take part in the further regeneration of Craigmillar. To join the Community Alliance Trust or for more information please contact or call 0131 657 0500.

Useful Contacts

Anyone can get free independent advice on how to save energy from the Energy Saving Scotland advice centre. Call 0800 512 012 (or 0300 456 2655 from mobile phones), or text ‘warm’ to 81025 for a call-back. Or see

For independent information on changing energy suppliers or tariffs, we use

We have found energy monitors to be a great tool for helping people to take control of their electricity bills, with typical savings of 5-15%. Some energy suppliers will give customers a free energy monitor – simply phone them and ask. Alternatively, the library has energy monitors to lend out.

Thank you…

A Big Thank You to all those who have helped and supported us, especially the people of Craigmillar and everyone who took part in the project.


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