Free energy saving gadgets

Drop in to the Green House advice shop at 64 Niddrie Mains Road to claim your FREE energy saving gadget – a TV or computer powerdown switch (worth £16-18) to reduce electricity used when appliances are on standby, or a shower timer to help save hot water (and queues for the shower!). It’s easy – all you have to do is complete our 5 minute survey.

At the advice shop we can help you save money and the environment – reducing energy use in the home, growing your own fruit, veg and herbs, greener transport choices and fuel-efficient driving and well as reducing waste and recycling more. You can even borrow an ‘energy monitor’ to better understand your electricity use and how to reduce it. The shop is open on Tues 12-4, Wed 9-1, Thu 12-4 and Sat 12-4.

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